– Patriarch Moy Yat –

Traditionally, the listings of a kung fu system were memorized at first before people tried to understand them, because this required practical experience repeatedly to develop the virtuosity necessary for true understanding.

Therefore, a kung fu system starts from the existing condition of the practitioner and, through guidance and practice step by step, gradually reaches higher levels of artistic excellence.   Different components of a kung fu system are linked together through their practical implications, making it very dynamic.

These are not formed in the brain and manifested in the realm of words, but they are formed by bodily devices and bodily capabilities of a person and manifested in the real-life environment.

In the same way, the convincing power of kung fuinstruction does not reside, ultimately, in the logical proof of conclusions, but it does reside in the effective results it generates.   Consequently, contradictory statements in a kung fu system may be valid within their respective domains (for example the case placed by Patriarch Moy Yat of PatriarchIpMan when it gave different answers, many times even opposite, for the same question asked by different people).

Although effective teaching may seem like a universal rule, a kung fu system may still be subject to the use of judgment to understand the circumstance where a practitioner of kung fu is located.

From this point, it can be affirmed that once this “effectiveness” is open to different alternating views of excellence, the systems of kung fu are not exclusivist.   Contrary to assertions on truth, kung fu systems do not tend to assert themselves as the only correct way of expressing art.   This is different, of thinking of right or wrong, of good or bad; since the kung fu system is, like any form of art, subject to the judgment of the qualitative experiences of people.

Kung fu system does not seek to establish morality to restrict people who cultivate rules, but provide guidance so that people can live artistic lives.   It’s like a guide or protocol, which admits flexibility.   The kung fu skills should be incorporated as features to the habits of a person must commit to the study and understanding of the examples of teachers (hence the relevance of the stories of Kung Life Fu masters of the past and of the present).

When accessing a kung fu system, careful reflection must be made, and the teachings put into practice.   Yes, the personality or manner of proceeding of a kung fu practitioner can be related to the wisdom of a kung fu system, and examining it through his own bodily practice, certainly his efforts will not be made in vain.   Every day, week, month, year or decade this process will bring you results.

The kung fu approach requires self – reflection of what is learned and explored in practice, driving the holistic and corporal understanding and growth of the practitioner.
The practitioner of kung fu interacts with the system, transforming it into something alive through the personal relationship he maintains with it.

Grand Master Leo Imamura

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